Saturday, November 30, 2013

Final Party Touches and Blown Mind

Yesterday, on Black Friday, instead of Christmas shopping, Tony, the Princess, and I went to WalMart and Sam’s Club to get all the things we needed to get for the party today. We still had plates, forks, spoons, and all that to get. We also had to get all the food.  We knew we wouldn’t have room before yesterday to make a place in the refrigerator for it, so we had to wait until yesterday to get it.


We didn’t leave the house until about 4pm. So….all the crazy Black Friday shoppers were already at home, asleep!  Smile 


We got into Sam’s Club, got all the stuff we needed, and checked out in less than 2 hours.  I was suspecting about 4.  Then we got in and out of WalMart in about an hour.  That’s a new record for us. 


Today, all I have to go get are the balloons for décor. We aren’t doing much, but I would like to have some balloons to make the room more festive. Smile So, I have to get those. 


Today, we also have to get all the stuff from last night’s shopping back in the van and to the party location. I really hope that a lot of people show up for Mom and Dad. They deserve it! 40 years!  WOW!


Last night, my old high school, where I graduated from, Concord High School, beat the toughest team they are going to have to play (until the championship game in a couple of weeks). They one by 8 points! (That’s a little close for my heart!)  Now they have to play again next Friday night!


However…..that is not what has blown my mind!  None of that is!  What has blown my mind is that yesterday, I had 168 people visit my blog. I now have more than 10,000 all time visits to my page!  That amazes me!  That’s what has blown my mind!

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