Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day #2

Although we did not get much snow, and most of it melted yesterday, we have another Snow Day today.  This is because many of the secondary roads (also known as COUNTRY BACKROADS) are still covered in ice.  These are the roads that the DOT does not have to pay a lot of attention to because they are not city roads.  That is one of the drawbacks of living in the county and not in the city limits.


Last night Tony and I went over to my parents’ house.  We picked up mom (who does NOT drive in this stuff) and went riding around to check out roads.  Many of the roads that I would take to work or to get the Princess to school all had huge patches on them that were still snow covered or that would be sheets of ice this morning. 


All of the public schools in the area  are closed today.  Since the Princess does not go to a county public school this year, her school decided to run on a two hour delay.  Her momma (ME!) decided that since my school thought the roads were too bad for students, parents, and buses, then she wasn’t going.  She slept in and has a friend over to hang out today!


If the public school is open tomorrow, then she will go to school.  If the road by my house is clear tomorrow, I might actually make it to take her to school and to go to work. Smile 


Today, we were given the option of working from home, taking comp time (which is what I did), or taking leave time.  I kind of hope that school goes back tomorrow, and I really hope for a DELAY!  I’m not driving on the ice sheets in the dark if we don’t get a delay!  lol


Since I spent most of yesterday doing nothing, I hope to get a lot of the work in the office completed today.  We shall see.  It really is a mess. Smile

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Lynne said...

I used to brave it, but not these days. I let my boss know and fortunately she respects my position on driving in the dark and ice. Nope, not going to chance it!