Friday, January 10, 2014

The Last Day

Today is the last day I have to teach my kids anything.  On Monday, their exams start.  That means that if they don’t know it today, they had better study it and learn it this weekend.  Smile 


Because students may not come to school every day next week like they are supposed to, we have a bit of a strange schedule.  Monday thru Thursday, the kids take one exam a day. They get out of school at 1/2 day.  On Friday, we have a full day of school.  If all of our students took their exams, we have literally nothing for them to do.  Some teachers are telling the kids that they will have work for them.  I’m telling my kids that we will have a movie that day.  Seriously…. no need for them to come if they are finished with exams.  (BUT….some of them will!)


So for the past few days (since Tuesday) my kids have been teaching my class.  I gave them the Study Guide over the weekend.  I gave them the answers to it on Monday.  Then I put them in groups and assigned parts of the Study Guide to them.  They were responsible for coming up with a way to review their section with the entire class.  I love weeks like this!  I get to see what the students really know! Winking smile  I get to see if they were paying attention. 


Today is the last day to teach/review. I get to see each class 2x next week….once for the exam and once on Friday! 


Jan. 20 and 21 we are off. 

Jan. 22 I get new kids.  (Here’s hoping they will be little angels!)

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