Monday, February 10, 2014

Countdown Updates

Sometimes, I feel like it has been forever since I have written here.  I wish I could get my fingers back in the habit of writing ever day.


On top of that, I wish I could get a few writing jobs going so I’ll be set up for this summer.  I don’t want to have to scramble for jobs this summer.  I have some applications in, but I’m just waiting. 


Here are my countdowns:

1 day until I pick up about 1000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies—It’s tomorrow.  However, the weather people are calling for snow and ice.  We have been told that we have to pick up cookies no matter what, but I’m not sure I’m “risking my life” to get cookies to my house! (LOL Smile)

4 days until cookie booths start (2.14)

5 days until my birthday (2.15)

32 days until the Art Gala and Auction at the Princess’s school

~11 weeks until Spring Break starts (April 18th)

~11 weeks until Easter

~14 weeks until EOGs start for the Princess

~16 weeks until Memorial Day

~17 weeks until school is out!


Since I live in NC, we are in a “holding pattern” for the weather that is coming.  Some models show 4-6” and other show over 12”. We shall see.  We really need one GOOD snow to kill some of these germs and get people healthy. 


Unfortunately, if it starts tomorrow morning (which it may) we will miss the rest of the week of school.  That means that we will have to give up our Spring Break this year for make-up days…. probably. 


But again…. we shall see.  It’s NC.  We may just get a few days of RAIN!  lol Smile  But… I would LOVE to see a good snow!

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