Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Real News

So, I haven’t written lately. Well, it feels like forever since I have written.  It’s only been a couple of days in real time.


There’s nothing really going on around here right now. We are waiting on the date for the 500+ cookie celebration. There may be a Daddy-Daughter dance this year after all for Girl Scouts. My troop is working on their Bronze Award tomorrow night.  (I hope they bring in enough shirts.) 


My brain is on overload. 


I can’t believe that we have fewer that 10 weeks left in school—9 weeks and 3 days (counting today).  With Easter being so late this year, our Spring Break is late!  It’s a bit nuts.


This is probably the most random stuff I have ever posted.  BUT… if you think about it, it clears my head to get to the stuff I have to do today.  In that way, this has been helpful!


Now….  to get ready for the day! 

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