Thursday, October 6, 2016

(Almost) Dead Battery

Yesterday, the Princess had her last home game for middle school softball. Although she can't play, she's still attending every practice and game... just in case the doctor releases her on Monday, when she goes back in to visit.

Yesterday, the 8th grade players were recognized. They were given a bouquet of yellow flowers wrapped in white paper with black and gold ribbon on it. (The school colors are Black and Gold!!!) WE BLEED BLACK AND GOLD!!! (It will be her high school colors also.)

Anyways, after the game, our minivan didn't want to start.

We went to Cici's Pizza with the family--13 of us (not even 1/2)!!!

After dinner, the van didn't want to start again. So, we drove straight to the AutoZone. The guy there checked the battery. It was dying. Then he checked the computer to show that we had just put that battery in the van in March of 2014. That means that the warranty ran out in March 2016!!!!  GO FIGURE! 

So.... just a few minutes later, the guy installed our new battery.

I didn't have to worry about it starting this morning! 

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