Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to Get Dried (Melted) Crayon Out of Fabric

A little bit ago, I had to Google "how to get dried crayon out of fabric".

I found a lot of solutions. However.... I didn't try any of them. I asked my mommy instead.

Mom said to put dish soap or laundry soap on it and scrub it down. Then dry it.

I'm thinking that sounds crazy......


I did it and it worked. I used the blue stuff (actually generic blue dish soap)--you know the kind--because my laundry soap comes in pods. I already had red crayon streaks in The Princess's brand new khaki Girl Scout Cadette vest. I did NOT need to have a pod explosion when I tried to open that!

I guess you're wondering how I got melted red crayon streaks on The Princess's brand new vest, right?

I heated up the iron.

I got the patches ready to put on.

I laid the vest on the towel on the table.

I ran the iron over the right front of the vest.


I totally blame my mom! It's HER iron! But, I helped put the crayon on the iron.... sort of!

Back before Christmas, when I was working at the day care, we were trying to come up with ideas for Christmas crafts for the kids.

We saw this thing on Pinterest where you put crayon pieces (slivers) in wax paper and "iron" it to melt the crayon. Then you put it in popsicle stick frames and glue them into a cube. It makes a "lantern" with a "stained glass" effect.

Let's just say it was a Pinterest FAIL!  Too bad I don't have pics to show you!

Anyways.... we obviously got crayon on the iron and didn't know it.

Now we know it. I've had to scrub the iron and the vest.

The iron is working and NOT putting red marks on everything. (I tested the cleaned iron on an old white pillow case!!)

The vest is in the dryer. I took it out a few minutes ago, and it is no longer red. 

Now.... I just have to get all the badges/patches on there before the ceremony tonight! 

Nothing like waiting until the LAST MINUTE.... huh?

How do you get your stains out of fabric?  Link up and tell me!!

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