Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Normal Isn't So Overrated

Yesterday, our schedules around here got back to normal.

Tony went back to work.

I went back to the daycare (but only for about a week). My friend I have been covering for is supposed to be able to come back next week. :)

The Princess went back to school.

After school, the Princess and I went to the gym. She's wanting to get healthier and get her knee back in shape. I need to get back in and get back to working out.

I have not been sitting still, but I have not been to the gym since June 8, 2016. :(  Our summer schedule was crazy and then I got sick. Once school started, I was at the daycare and subbing. It has been one excuse after another.

So... yesterday, the Princess and I went.

We were there a little over an hour. She completed a circuit on the machines and did 3.5 miles. I did 5 miles at the gym (6 miles for the day)!!

That's a good start. 

We're planning to go back today after school too. :) 
I think she enjoys it.  At least, I hope she does.

What is your version of normal?

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