Monday, March 13, 2017

Breaking Down "Better to Give"

As I've said before, my church, Remedy Church, is planning to help 500 families this year at Christmas.

YES! It's only MARCH! But, we have a big goal because we have a BIG GOD!

We have broken down how we are collecting toys (new or gently used--aka like new) for the kids.

You can help in a couple ways. 
1. You can donate toys to the Better to Give Project.
2. You can donate money to the Better to Give Project.

The information needed for doing either of those things is on the Remedy Church website.

Here is the breakdown for the Better to Give Project!

March--Girls 0-3 years
April--Girls 3-5years
May--Girls 6-12years
June--Teen Girls
July--Boys 0-3years
August--Boys 3-5years
September--Boys 6-12years
October--Teen Boys

In November, we will be organizing everything and getting it ready for the delivery.

We are also accepting donations of travel-sized hygiene items. While the kids/teens in the family will get toys, the adults are going to get a stocking full of personal supplies.

Again, if you want to help, please contact me (through comments) or the church at

We love our church! We love our community! We love God! 

This Better to Give Project is one of the many ways we are working to complete our mission of being able to "Reach Out, Restore, and Raise Up!" 

If you are in the area, we'd love to have you come by to see us.  If not, check out the archived sermons/videos on the website! 

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