Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Keep Losing Days

Last Friday, Tony and I checked the Princess out of school early. We had the car loaded up, and we headed to Pigeon Forge.

The Relentless Youth Group from Remedy Church left earlier that morning for Shabbach Youth Conference 2017.

We didn't want her to miss an entire day of school, so we checked her out after 1/2 day.

That means that Tony was off work on Friday.

We drove up on Friday. We dropped the Princess off with the group just in time for church services on Friday night.

We hung out with the group at the Alpine Coaster, where Tony's cart got stuck on the track in the pouring rain! (That's a completely different story!)   We also went to ride go karts and play at the arcade!

Sunday, after the morning services, we collected the Princess from the group. We hung around and did some things together as a family. Then we headed home.

Tony had some vacation days to use, so he also took Monday off of work. We went grocery shopping (which we normally do on Sundays). We went to Lowe's to get the new garbage disposal (since I broke it. Read that story here.) We watched TV. We did laundry and cleaned the house. 

Those are all WEEKEND things that we do!

So..... Tony went back to work on Tuesday. (I didn't have a subbing job.)

I got the Princess home from school Tuesday afternoon. We were talking about her homework. She said that she had Spanish homework. I said, "Why do you have Spanish? You had Art today!" She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Because today is TUESDAY!" 

Where did Monday go?  Wait!?  What!?!?  How is it TUESDAY??

Today is Thursday. Since it's the last day that the Princess goes to school this week, I'm thinking that tomorrow is Saturday! 


I'm going nuts! 

I need my week to be back to normal! 

Maybe after church and getting my grocery schedule back to SUNDAY this week, I will be able to have a "normal" (whatever that is!) week next week! 

Have you ever lost a day?  This week... I've lost a couple and have no idea where to find them!  :) 

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