Thursday, April 6, 2017

I MAY Have Gone Overboard

As you all know, we are researching options for The Princess for school next year. I'm sure you're getting tired of hearing about it. 

Right now, she's registered at the local public high school in the International Baccalaureate program.

We have applied for the NC Virtual Academy, but we won't know for sure about it until the application date is here--April 21. IF they have to do a lottery, they won't do it until April 28th.  WOW!  That seems like so far away, but it's really not!!


We are also looking at homeschooling.  I have been doing my research. I've been looking at the NC requirements and laws online. I've been reading reviews and checking out all the different curricula available. (Maybe not ALL...there are tons out there!)

Yesterday, I went "old school"!  I went to the public library to pick up a couple of books about homeschooling. I ended up, actually, going to both of the branches of the public library closest to me. Yes.... I went to TWO libraries!  (I may have a problem!)

Can you guess how many books (just about homeschooling..... not the other books for The Princess or myself) I came out with? 

I had to go count them..... 19! 


So far, I have put sticky notes in on several pages of some of the books.  I've already told Tony I want copies of a couple of them.  If we homeschool, I'm going to need a resource library.  The public library will charge me if I keep them too long! :) 

So, yeah, I may have possibly gone overboard.  I may have possibly fallen into the deep end with the research. 

This reminds me of the days I used to do book research in college.  I would get 30-45 books just so I could get all the information! I never wanted to be SHORT on a paper.  So I made sure I had far more information than I could ever include. 

What have you ever gone overboard for?  For me it's anything to do with books!  I love books!  (Again... I may have a problem!!) 

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