Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Missed Field Trip

This morning, bright and early, a few buses of kids from The Princess's school loaded up and left for Washington, D. C.

The Princess and I were not on the bus. :( 

Last year, about this time, we WERE on the bus to Nags Head, for 3 days. This year, we are not on the bus.

We just couldn't do it!

Actually, Tony, The Princess, and I were all going to go, but we just couldn't swing it.

That means, she's carrying on a (somewhat sad) family tradition. She is not going on her 8th grade field trip to Washington.

I didn't get to go. (I don't remember why, now!)

And, unfortunately, I have never made it up there yet. 

However.... The Princess has determined that we WILL be going to DC! :) 

I want to go.

I want to see Arlington, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

I want to see all the museums!

I want to tour the White House.

I want to see the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall!

I want to see the giant Lincoln at his memorial and all the other things that DC has to offer!

So.... maybe we missed this school field trip. BUT.... we can make it an awesome FAMILY field trip soon, I hope.

The good thing is... The Princess wasn't even upset about it this morning when she had to just go to school for normal! :) 

I have a great kid!  (I don't say that enough!!)

What was your favorite field trip in school?  What field trips did you miss?

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