Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Motivational Meanderings--Robert Schuller

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"
Robert Schuller

Wow!  Just wow!

I have a list, a mile long, of things I want to do. Things I want to try. Things I'm afraid to try.

What if I knew I couldn't fail, what would I do?

First, I would audition for The Voice.  I love that show. I love singing. If I knew I couldn't fail, sign me up!! 

Second, I'd get my dream job. I have a lot of dreams, but my dream teaching job has always been at my alma mater! I'd love to be able to walk into the doors of my old high school every day and teach the kids that come from the same place (background, neighborhoods) as me. I'd be able to relate to kids that understand the history of the school and who understand where you are coming from more than teaching kids that are totally different (socio-economically, location, background) than yourself. It wouldn't be easy, because today's kids are totally different than the kids when I was in school, but it would be an awesome challenge.  Plus... if I knew I couldn't fail.... why not get my dream?!?!

Third, I'd find a way to help the people I love most. Right now, someone I love is trying to adopt. She's got a beautiful daughter in her custody, but in order to adopt her, she has to have about $3000!!  (I know that's not a lot when it comes to adoptions, but for a single mom.... it's a lot!)  If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd find a way to get the money for her to be able to adopt her daughter. (I may do a post about her story soon.  Maybe one of you can help me find a way to make this adoption happen!!) 

Fourth, and final, I'd become a motivational speaker. I'd love to be able to go into the schools and talk to the students and help them. I'd love to be able to end bullying (not that it will ever end, we all know that!)!!  I'd love to be able to be the person who inspired even just one person to do what they love and become the person they want to be.

I want to make a difference! 

If I knew I couldn't fail, I would make a difference!


Those are big things, but that's still not EVERYTHING I would do.  But, that would be a good start.... right? 

Tell me... what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? 

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