Thursday, May 4, 2017


Have you ever been on "autopilot"?

For the past couple of weeks, I have had so much stuff to get done. I just feel like I'm on "autopilot" trying to complete stuff.

I am still working on VBS.  While I have a core team of people, I still need about 15-20 more volunteers. Plus, we have to do volunteer training (May 20th) and get all the supplies together for everyone! 

While we have a good bit of stuff already for The Princess's Silver Award, we still need a lot more stuff.  As of today, she has been approved to have a yard sale on May 27th and to put up wish lists on Amazon and Dollar Days.  I will post the details of those here when we get them set up.

We are still working on getting stuff collected and raising money for the Better to Give project at church. I have a Wish list set up through Dollar Days for that, and I will post that information here ASAP!

It's also the end of the year--school year!

Next week, the final progress reports for the year come out.  She is on the waiting list for the virtual academy--- #126. That means that people who DID get in through the lottery AND 125 other people have to decide NOT to go before she will get in!!  (I guess it's still a possibility!)  We do have other options... so we are still working on those! :)

As of today, The Princess only has 25 more days (25 alarm clocks!!!) until the last day of school!  Things are happening fast!

So, with all this stuff on my mind, yesterday, I realized that I drove home from the day care and don't remember driving. I got in the car at the daycare. I got out of the car at home. I don't remember the drive.

I'm on "autopilot" and I'm not sure I like it. I need to start checking things off my list.  Anyone want to help check things off my list so I can clear my head?  :) 

Have you ever been on autopilot?  What sends you to that place where you go to autopilot?

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