Thursday, May 25, 2017


Some decisions are easy.

Some decisions take a lot of prayer and consideration.

Easy decision (most of the time).... what to wear.

Hard decision.... where to go to college, who to marry, where to live.

Sometimes, you get to make decisions for yourself. You get to decide alone or you can talk it out with the other people involved and make a decision.

Sometimes, decisions are made for you. Either circumstances beyond your control or other people take the decision away from you.

I have talked many times about decisions I have to make (or have recently made).

Tony and I are going tomorrow to the homeschool conference in Winston-Salem. We are going to be checking out information and curriculum for homeschool. We still have not made a complete decision. This is still part of the research. However, we still have to do the research together to be able to make an informed/educated decision. We have to make one soon, but we want to be sure it's the best thing possible.

Because of circumstances beyond our control, we have had to cancel VBS at our church this year. :( We tried to do everything we could to make it happen, but it just wasn't meant to be this year. We are already looking ahead to next year. We will have the manpower and all the resources needed to make it happen.  To be honest... I think it might be even bigger and better than this year would have been. (I'm trying to think positively.) I was crushed when this decision was made, but I think it's best to do things 100% instead of just "trying" to make something work. 

Tony and I just left TimeWarner (Spectrum) Cable. We have had them forever. We went to Windstream for our phone, internet, and TV. We talked about it forever (or so it seemed).   We had thought about it for a long time. We finally did it!  Everything seems better so far.... we have only had it since Monday!  Maybe this was a GREAT decision!

Sometimes decisions are not easy. As adults, we just have to do make them.... even when we don't want to.

What decisions have you made recently? Were they easy or hard? Did you get to make them or did someone make them for you?

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