Wednesday, May 31, 2017

NC State Testing

I have mixed feelin about the end-of-year testing. Did you know that in middle school, there are 3-4 different types of tests?  There's the EOG (end-of-grade test, for selected middle school subjects), the EOC (end-of-course test, for students in high school classes in certain subjects), the NCFE (North Carolina Final Exam, for most subjects that do not already have an EOC/EOG), and teacher-made exams (for classes that don't have a state test but still require a final exam grade)!! 

My daughter gets to take 4 EOGs/NCFEs, 2 EOCs, and 1 teacher-made exam!!  Yes!! That adds up to SEVEN!!!!  SEVEN tests for my ONE child!!!!

As a teacher, I can see that it is useful to see where students may have deficits in certain areas. I do not, however, think that the tests should be used at the end all/be all for the students.

They should be used to help differentiate learning for the students. Find a way to teach the students what they lack. Find a way to enrich what they do well.

As a parent, I like knowing the information that the tests can give me. I just wish they didn't make the stakes so high for the students when they take the tests. I think the students would perform better if they didn't put so much pressure on them.

In the case of the Princess, she has testing anxiety. She's an A/B Honor Roll student. She has been forever.  She just doesn't test well. It's part of her ADHD diagnosis.

She has great grades in her classes, but then she bombs the tests....except English. She loves English, like me, and she typically does well on those tests.

This year, because she is taking 3 high school classes in 8th grade, she has 7 tests to take. They start this morning. She's taking one right now. Her last one is next Thursday. (YES! That's the last FULL day of school!! Friday is a 1/2 day!)

Today she is taking her 8th grade Math test.
Tomorrow is 8th grade English.
Friday is 8th grade Social Studies.
Monday is 8th grade Science.
Tuesday is high school Spanish.
Wednesday is high school Math.
Thursday is high school Science.

Now... could someone explain to me WHY she needs to take the 8th grade and high school tests? If she can pass the high school Math or Science tests, she shouldn't have to take the 8th grade tests also. 

Ok....  I'm through  ranting. I just think that having 7 tests in 8 days of school is nuts! 

Just a note:  I sent my child to school this morning repeating to herself:  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!"  (Phil 4:13).  I told her that no matter what the test does not define who she is and that it will be fine no matter what happens with the score.  Hopefully.... I'm am taking some of the pressure from her, and she won't stress out too much today.

What are your thoughts on the end of year testing? 

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