Monday, June 5, 2017

It Really Is Bittersweet

I know I keep posting about the countdown for the Princess to finish 8th grade.

We have had some trials and struggles this year, but who hasn't?

It really is going to be bittersweet.

She's finishing 8th grade. It was like this when she finished 5th grade too. (Our transition years, 5th and 8th) have been struggles.  :(  But, she always does really well with it.

She's going to be in high school in the fall. How did that happen?  Before long, she's going to be taking Driver's Ed and wanting to drive the car.  (Please note I said WANTING TO.... no guarantees we're letting her drive!! That might be more than I can handle!)

This year, I've seen her change from the kid who didn't want to go back to school because she was being bullied last year to the kid who can't wait for this year to be finished because she's ready to go to high school.

She's taking 3 high school classes. She's already ahead of the game, in that department. We are still trying to make a final decision for next year, but she's ready for whatever comes her way!

How did my little girl become this young lady?  How did she grow up so quickly?

How can I be so happy that this year is almost over (4 more alarm clocks), but still be sad for the same reason? 

How is this possible?  More importantly, how can I be sure that I show/teach her everything she needs to know in the next 4 years, before she leaves us?  (I never really lived at home again after I went to ASU my freshman year....) So, I'm guessing she's not going to be much different.  She's just as stubborn and independent as I was.  (Not that it's a good thing!)

What have you had to deal with that is/was bittersweet? 

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