Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Little Less Sticky

So...a couple of days ago, I posted about my Sticky Situtation. Well, my mom went on Thursday of this week (2 days ago) to see Chasity get her Perfect Attendance Award for 2nd quarter. (She hasn't missed a day since she started Kindergarten last year!!) And, my mom ate lunch with her. So, in that time, Mom had time to talk to Chasity's teacher.

Her teacher said that Chasity is "talkative" and will be getting marks below the line for talking. Well, that's ok with me! I'd rather have a "talkative" child than one who sits there and asks afraid of anyone who speaks to her.

Plus, I can't say much about it. She definitely got the "talkative" gene from her momma! :) I talk all the time.... non-stop.... and... I used to get in trouble for it too. (My dad reminds me of that every time I get frustrated with Chasity!)

Right now, I think we're in a place where I can be ok with her getting in long as she keeps her hands to herself. Talking? Well, that just comes naturally.

So, I guess the situation is a little less sticky now.

I'm still going to look at options for different schools for next year. If we really do find a different place to rent, then, she might end up at a different school. I can't homeschool.... no matter how much I'd love to! But for now... we're gonna try to finish out this year without getting stuck in another sticky situation.

Until next time........

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Phyllis said...

Reading that really helped me a lot. Abby's been i the same boat this year...she talks too much and it ends up being "she doesn't listen" because the teacher keeps telling her to stop talking. I had the same problem...which is why I ended up in private school because I was bored (that's why I talked). Good luck with a new situation next year. I'll be praying for you. We're applying for magnet schools in our district for next school year. Fingers crossed because we can't afford private school (or homeschooling). Take care!