Monday, February 24, 2014

Normal Week

It seems as though we may be in for a “normal” week here in NC.


I haven’t listened this morning, but I don’t think we are expecting any of that strange white precipitation (snow) to fall this week. 


The Princess should be getting her softball info this week.  We should know (for sure) the coaches and the team name.  My brother should be one of the coaches, but we never know until after the draft. 


Girl Scout cookies (and booths) are in full force.  I feel as though my world is surrounded by them!  And…that could be because they are in 2 of the main rooms of my house—living room and dining room.


I have a couple of meetings this week, so that makes it even more normal.


The countdown for everything is still on.  As soon as we get our softball schedule, we will get to add more things to it… like first practice and first game! 


As long as we keep doing what we are doing right now, this week should be fairly normal.  (I hope!)

1 Comments from my friends:

Lynne said...

It seems too long ago, when we were chasing our kid's appointments for this or that between games, etc. Before you know it, they're getting married. I don't know how I did it