Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Single Mom"

As you all know, I left on Friday of last week to spend the weekend at the beach with my Mary Kay girlfriends. I came home on Sunday afternoon. Well...before I could get home, my hubby left for Atlanta. He will not be home until tomorrow. I have never planned to be a single mom, but I have been one all week.

I really don't know how some of my friends do it. Some of them have no one to help them out. So, Monday night, I had to ask my mom to help me out because I had a meeting to learn to sell Girl Scout Cookies! The meeting ran so late that my daughter and I stayed at my mom's house Monday night.

Tuesday night, we had Girl Scouts. We were there until about 8:30. Then, we came home and she got in the bed. After that, I had to work on homework. (Just because her dad's not here doesn't mean that my homework stops.)

Wednesday, I had class. So, she went to church with my parents and they brought her home to me when they were done. Of course, she cried to stay with my parents. So I told her that we would probably have a "sleepover" at Grandma's house tonight.

So tonight, she has dance. I was supposed to have Praise and Worship practice at church, but that has been cancelled. That's good because mom was going to have to go to dance and I was going to go to practice. When this was the plan, we were going to have a "sleepover" at my parents. However, now that I don't have practice, I don't know if we are going to be having a "sleepover" or not. I will have to see I guess.

Then TOMORROW...Tony comes home. Our daughter has been counting days! She has something everyday so she has been saying...."Monday mom has a meeting." "Tuesday I have Girl Scouts." "Wednesday mom has church." "Thursday I have dance." "Friday is Ice Cream ay!" "Daddy comes home on Ice Cream day." So last night on the phone, she said..."Daddy, only 2 more days until you come home. You come home on Ice Cream day!"

So, I have today and tomorrow to be a "single mom". I have not had the troubles that many of my friends have. And I know that I will be part of a two parent family again tomorrow. I can not imagine what my friends have to go through on a daily basis when they have no one.

So.... here is what I think.... we all know at least one single parent (mom or dad). If they ask us for help, we really should help them. We really should do things to make it easier for them. I think Saturday night, I am going to be helping a friend of mine by watching her 3 girls until she gets off work (around midnight)!! She needs to work....and I don't have any plans. I can help her out....right? :)

Until next time....

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