Saturday, December 6, 2008


So, Tony told me that I have to get a job. I have a job!! I'm a full time graduate student! Unfortunately, that job doesn't help pay the bills. I have to make real money... the green stuff with dead Presidents printed on it! So, I went upstairs to my office (where my Mary Kay business is run--not well, but it's still in there!) to think about finding a job. I have had a stack of really cute kids clothes and NASCAR stuff sitting on the far side of my office for a few months--some of it over a year! I decided it was time to do what I said I was going to do with it. eBay it! So I started putting stuff on eBay! It's really easy! It's really addictive also!

Right now, I have about 15-16 things on eBay. I finish my classes on Wednesday. My last assignments are due then. So, I will finish putting stuff on eBay then! At some point, I hope to clean out most of the far side of my office... except of course for the coffee table, love seat, and ottoman that match the furniture downstairs. They were bought for a much bigger house; that's a different story all of its own!

Since I started putting that stuff on eBay this evening, you can see a little more of the furniture on the far side of the office! Now... if I could just sell my Mary Kay stuff as easily as I sell things on eBay, I would be set! Yeah... I'm working on that!

So, I just need to find lots of STUFF to sale... got any? If I can do that, I won't have to leave the house to work until I finish getting my teaching license. However... I think that I am going to have more observation hours this semester for my Education class. I am going to go back to the same Cabarrus County high school I went to last semester. Shoot! They liked me so much, a couple teachers asked me if I was going to do my teaching internship there. I would love to! PLEASE!!!! However, that's not in my hands. I have to give that to God for internship placement. Hopefully he is looking into putting me into a full time job to do my internship! If that's the case, I would be able to start the second part of my MAT program at UNCC as soon as January! I can't start part two until I have a full time teaching job! (I'm sure God is listening to that though! He got me into school... He's not going to let me fail now!)

Wow... has anyone noticed how I go from topic to topic so randomly? This blogging thing is great for my stream of consciousness style writing! I love it! I just wish I could write that way for my English paper... it would be MUCH simpler!

So, I'm just going to keep working on my homework! After Wednesday, I have a break until January 12th! I'm so excited! I get almost 4 weeks off from school. Then it all starts up again!

Until next time........

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The Robinsons said...

ebay it?? Have you started getting bids yet? I tried to sell some things on ebay, but I'm not committed enough to check it and keep up with it. Tuesdee is pretty good at it though.

Are you looking for a teaching position for this January??