Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Single Again...and Other Things!

Ok... so I'm not really single again. This week, I'm only half single! (That's not totally true either!) Anyways, this week, Tony is pulling some overtime. He's working his day shift (8a-4:30p) grabbing food and then working from 6pm-midnight! He is not getting home until 1am-ish. Last night, it was fine! Chasity went with me to my Mary Kay family Christmas Party! We were supposed to bring families anyways, so that was great!

Tonight, we have Girl Scouts. I have to tell the girls and the parents all about the cookies. Then...after "Cookie Training" we are loading up the cars and heading to a local nursing home! A couple weeks back the girls made Christmas cards for the residents. Tonight, we are going to go sing a couple Christmas carols and deliver the cards. My Grandmother lives in the nursing home that we are going to visit tonight! I told her a while back that we were coming tonight, but I'm sure she has forgotten! She'll be surprised to see us all!

So far of the 20+ things I put on eBay, 13 of them have sold. After shipping and PayPal fees, we have profited about $60. Then, eBay has their fees that they will deduct (monthly I guess). So...after all is said and done, my first REAL try on eBay, we will profit about $40. That's saying that nothing else that we have on there will sell.... some of it should. I still have a good bit of stuff to put on there. I have a lot of maternity clothes that a friend of mine gave me to put on there. I have several NASCAR diecast cars to put on there. (Nope... no Earnhardt--we keep that! Yes...some Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon... just don't know how much of either thing!)

I hope to get the rest of the stuff on there this week. I know now that I should have had it on there for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However... I didn't think about people shopping on eBay on those days...until after I realized that I had missed them! (I know now, and I will fix that for next year!)

The GREAT thing about kids... ok there are a few, but the best part about kids and eBay... is that kids outgrow their clothes before they can tear them up (usually). So...I will have plenty more clothes for this time next year. I will clean them and box them nicely. Then I will have them ready for eBay for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I probably would have sold much more if I had thought about that this year! Of course, for the amount of time that I put into it and the effort required, we're still doing really well. Shoot! I put the stuff on there TOO cheap. I know that now too.....

"They say hindsight's 20/20...." (Randy Travis) So... I'll take care of it and fix it for later! Isn't that great! We can fix things and learn from our mistakes! Not trying to sound all gushy here, but isn't that how it is with God? He lets us make mistakes, but He always takes us back. cleans us off, and says, "So, what did you learn from that?". Some of us are more hard-headed than others. So some of us (me included) have to make the same mistakes 4...5...6...20 times before we can say, "You know what Lord, I learned my lesson... I'm going to do it Your way"! Some of us try so hard to do things our own way and when we fail, we blame it on God, and He accepts that. Then He lets us try to fix it ourselves until we get in so far over our heads that we can't do it anymore. That's when we call on Him and He fixes it! Isn't it amazing all the freedom that God allows us to have even when He knows we are doing it all wrong? He just amazes me. That's why He's God!

So now, I have randomly spilled my guts out! I now have to go and get my notebook organized for Girl Scouts so that I can make sure that I have the proper paper work for all the girls before we do Cookie Training and our field trip to the nursing home.

Until next time........

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Lynne said...

Hi Leslie, saw your comment on the one minute blogger and wanted to visit your blog. I'd also like to be on the biggest loser show, same problem, lol. My husband is in great shape, but me....well you'll have to check out my blog and see what I'm talking about. Have a great day!