Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thinking... I know, It's Dangerous!

Last night, I made my first sale on eBay. Black pants. How funny that I sold some black pants! That is somewhat symbolic of my life! I all I ever wear is black--pants anyways. I wear colors and patterns in my shirts, but all my pants (not all but most) are black! Anyone who knows me knows that anywhere I go, I'm usually wearing black....somewhere on my body!

Anyways, so I have to go mail that off to her today! I'm excited! Now, if the rest of everything that is on there will just sell, I will be glad! I put things on there that Chasity has outgrown. I put things on there that were given to us, but she wouldn't be in them for a couple more years.

I've been looking at pictures of Chasity recently. I don't know why, but I guess I miss the little little girl she used to be. No, don't get me wrong, I don't miss waking up at 2am and 4am. I don't miss spit up and acid reflux. I don't miss diapers. However, I guess it's just this time of year. I miss my baby.

She's being a big girl now. She's always been a princess, but now she KNOWS it! I started her scrapbook, and she tells me when we look at it that she is a princess. Somehow though, her dad and I are not the King and Queen. I'm not sure how that happened!

One day, I'm going to write the story of how Tony and I met so that she will have it when she is older. Then I'll write the story of her birth. One day, in the future, when she no longer believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy, she can read them and know how much her dad and I loved each other and how much we loved...and will always love...her. There are not enough words for that, but hopefully one day, I will write that story and she can catch a glimpse of true love.

For now, I have to think about the past 5 Christmases with this Angel...this Princess...that we have been given. I have to think about everything that she means to us. And... I have to try to show her now what that is and how much we love her!

I've always heard it said, "The Future is Now" and "There's no time like the present", so I guess I should "Take life by the horns" and "Get with the program"! :) (Sorry...too many cliches??) Tony and I need to be able to show Chasity now how much we love her!

One last thing, I have been around a lot of parents in my life. I have been around a lot of kids too. I never heard any of my friends' parents telling them anything good about themselves. Tony and I decided when Chasity was born to always tell her how pretty she is and how much we love her. So, everyday while the teacher at school is opening the car door for Chasity to get in, I have the window open. Before the teacher even gets the door open I ask Chasity, "How's the cutest kid in the world today?" or "How's the best kid ever doing today?" I wait until we are away from school to ask about her day. I only want the teachers to see me happy with my child. They do not get to see that from many parents. Most of the teachers (they are different almost daily) will say--when they open the door--"Are you the best kid in the world?"! And... with a huge smile, Chasity will look at them and say, "Yes ma'am, my mommy said so!"

"Yes ma'am, my mommy said so!" If only everything in life were that simple! So no matter how crazy my schedule gets, I am going to enjoy my child while everything is that simple for her. I will love and enjoy her far past this stage of innocence, but for now, I'm happy with "Yes ma'am, my mommy said so"!!

Until next time........

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Mom To Six said...

So funny that I LOVE black pants also. Black is definitely my fav color to dress in.

Also, I wanted to mention what an awesome thing you're doing for your little girl. Kids thrive on positive and if they hear it enough, they will believe it!