Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas--part 5--Christmas Eve

In order to tell you about Christmas Eve this year, I must first tell you a little about my family history. In my family, there's Dad, Mom, Donnie (4 years older), me, and Lisa (9.5 years younger). That's pretty normal...I guess. My dad is an only child. He turned out relatively normal, I there's some hope that my child (an only child) will be normal too! lol My mom, however, has 5 siblings. Three of them (boy, girl, girl) are one year apart in age. The youngest girl in that group was born about 18 years before my mom. The second three (boy, girl, girl--again) are each a year apart.

A couple of years ago, we lost my Aunt Patsy (#3 from group #1). She had cancer. My grandfather (mom's dad) died when I was a freshman in college. Grandma Edwards (mom's mom) has Alzheimer's. She's obviously getting to the later stages of it. (She's basically a kid again!) Anyways, my Aunt JoAnn (#2 from group #1) has been taking care of Grandma. Grandma has been living with her for a couple years now. the past year-ish, my Aunt JoAnn has found out that she has cancer in her leg... Aunt JoAnn can't keep Grandma anymore. So on Christmas Eve, my Uncle Tommy (#1 of group #2) finally went and got Grandma from Aunt JoAnn's house. My mom...who doesn't get to see Grandma much because she was living 3 hours away until now...kept her Christmas Eve night and Christmas night! That was the best gift anyone could have given my mom!! (That's the end of the "history" lesson for today!)

So, we were supposed to get together at my mom's house on Christmas Eve. Since we were all crazy that night, and mom was going to have Grandma that night, we decided to wait until Christmas day! That was better anyways!

Christmas Eve night, we--the three of us, me, Tony, and Chasity--went to my mom's to see Grandma! Then a little later, my sister came over. It wasn't long until my brother had called a couple of times to see what we were doing and to check on Grandma! It was pretty cool!

So after about 8:30, Grandma started getting tired. So mom finally got her changed and ready for bed. After mom went to bed with her, we all started leaving!

When we got home, we let Chasity open TWO presents... just wait until you see her!

Until next time.......

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