Monday, January 12, 2009

Daisy Scouts

As you know, I am a Girl Scout leader. I work with Daisy Girl Scouts. All of the girls in my group are in Kindergarten or First Grade. The Kindergartners will be Daisies again next year, while the First Graders become Brownies.

For the past month (or so), I have been working on the Investiture Ceremony for my Daisy scouts. All the girls had to do was show up basically. BUT... the cool part was that we had the ceremony at my church (our sponsorship) during the morning service yesterday.

It was so cool. Because I had to be at the front, I didn't get to take any pictures. kid sister took them...on HER camera. soon as I get my pics from her, I'll put them on here so that you guys can see them.

The girls looked so cute in their little outfits. They all matched! I couldn't believe how well it went. (Usually when I plan stuff, it doesn't turn out so well!)

I hope to have the pics soon from Lisa. I'll have to ask her again!

Until next time........

2 Comments from my friends:

a corgi said...

that is neat; glad it turned out so well! my sister was a Girl Scout leader when her girls were younger and enjoyed it (cookies and all :)


avr said...

There are so cute at this age too. My daughter started as a Brownie and is now a Cadet. She still loves it. I was happy to find a troop when I moved to North Carolina. I think it helps the girls build character, interact with other girls and be involved in many interesting and worthwhile causes.