Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ear Infections

I can't believe that we are still going through this!!

Two years ago (almost to the day) Chasity had double ear infections. So, I took her to the doctor. Ten days later her ears were still hurting so I took her back. Ear infection only in one ear. Ten days and a different antibiotic later we went back to the doctor because she's still hurting. Ten days and ANOTHER different antibiotic later (I didn't know there were so many kinds of antibiotics to take) we went back to the doctor to find out the infection is in the OTHER ear. By this time, I'm really getting aggrivated. So I asked for a referral to the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat dr.). Our pediatrician said that we could try ONE MORE round of antibiotics. So we did. FIVE days later when both ears are oozing stuff everywhere we went back to the pediatrician. Instead of a referral to the ENT, Chasity got two shots of antibiotics. (We saw a different doctor everytime we went it. There are 7-8 who work there!)

The medicine wasn't the problem. The fact that they had to hold Chasity down to do it was an issue. I had to hold her head and talk to her. Her dad had to hold her feet. A nurse held her arms. Two nurses held her legs. the exact same time, these same two nurses jammed needles into the muscles of Chasity's thighs. After screaming for about 10 minutes after everyone else left the room, we finally got her calmed down enough to put her clothes back on her.

Two days later, Chasity was able to walk again. The pain from the antibiotic shots had made her almost unable to move her legs for two days. We massaged them and kept warm/cold compresses on them, but they still hurt. (Just imagine needles jamming into both of you thighs at the same time!)

Five days later we went back to the Pediatrician to find out that everything was all clear. She still wouldn't give me a referral that I needed for the ENT. About the middle of April that year, Chasity had another ear infection. This time we saw the Nurse Practicioner, Miss Sherry. (She's not there any more. That's sad, but we do have new ones that we do like!) Anyways, I called and left a message to have her call me. She called me back and we talked for about an hour.

I told her that I was worried about Chasity's ears and all the infections. She asked me to wait until it started getting colder again before I took her to the ENT. I agreed to wait because usually there aren't many infections in the warm months. :)

In October of that year, Chasity got her first ear infection of the fall. Miss Sherry told me that she would get me the referral. Unfortunately, the ENT I wanted to take her to had a month waiting period. So we waited to get the appointment. The end of November...right before Thanksgiving...we got her in to the ENT. In December of that year, we had tubes put in Chasity's ears.

NOW... here we are today...two years later. Chasity has a DOUBLE ear infection. Luckily the tubs help to drain it away from her inner ear! I just hate to see her in so much pain though. The tubes can't stop the pain that comes from an infection.

I'm not sure why I am writing about this. I just thought I should.

Until next time........

3 Comments from my friends:

a corgi said...

I'm so sorry! ear infections do hurt!! My son had so many ear infections when he was young, he had 2 sets of tubes so I understand what you are going through; I wish they would at least have you see the ENT to see if they have a different thought on how to treat what sounds to be a resistant bug

hoping she feels better soon


C. Beth said...

Ugh, ear infections--no fun! So sorry you are dealing with this.

On a good note--I just named your Energy response as the One-Minute Writing of the Day. Congrats! :)


Lynne said...

With so much time passing, you might want to see if the tubes are still in place. They typically fall out as a child ages or can become dislodged and basically ineffective. Best wishes and so sorry your darling Chasity is in so much pain. My DD#1 faced off to many ear problems, and I hated to see her in such discomfort, so I can empathize! Best wishes!