Saturday, January 10, 2009


I guess some of you have noticed that I have made some changes to my site. In case you are wondering why, let me tell you.

1. I have the "Pray for Kaleigh" button. She's a little girl in the Charlotte hospital because she was born so prematurely and with health problems. If you have not checked out their site, you can click here to go to their site.

2. I have the "One Minute Writer" button because that really is my 60 second addiction. I love to see what people can come up with in one minute to write about. If you have not checked out C. Beth's One Minute Writer, you should go here.

3. I have my playlist. Ok, so right now it's only 3 songs, but I'm sure I'll add to it eventually. There are specific reasons why I chose each song. If you listen, you can probably figure them out... lol.

"Adonai"--This song tells of how Wonderful my Father (and yours if you know Him) really is! I have loved this song since the first time I heard it.

"You Had Me From Hello"--Believe it or not, that is what Tony and I have engraved on the inside of our wedding rings. (You had me from hello 5-19-01) During our wedding, I sang that song to him right after we exchanged rings. It was pretty cool.

"In My Daughter's Eyes"--This songs reminds me that my daughter is looking up to me...ALL THE TIME. I have to be the best example for her that I can be. Sometimes it might be hard, but God will lead me if I will let Him.

As I add songs, I will tell the story behind them...if there is one.

Until next time........

4 Comments from my friends:

avr said...

I like these songs, that is nice. I like to listen to music as I write. We all have causes we care about so it is something nice to have on your blog. I agree totally with you on following The One Minute Writer. I got inspired when I started my blog by her blog. It really got me going and getting into the habit of writing daily. I love her prompts, it is a great way to warm up your writing. As a mother, I can related to being the best mom we can be, showing our children the rights and wrongs, and just being there to listen to them and show them all our love and support.

a corgi said...

your blog looks nice and I like the songs you chose and the stories behind them; I look forward to reading more about other songs as you add them :)


Susan said...

Hi Leslie...ran across your enter on WW Changed my Life...I think we are neighbors, well not really, but I'm from NC, just north of Charlotte, I'm a teacher, my daughter goes to UNCC, and I owe a small we must be close. I just started WW again. First time I went to meetings..lost 22 lbs in 5 mth...learned a lot about the do's & don'ts.This time I'm joined online and will probably just do the three month intro. special to get me started.I can relate to the expense issue. I just wanted to offer you this about the SHOULD eat all of the points everyday...if not your metabolism will slow down and you won't loss. So eat every point and use some of the weekly bonus points too (35 extra). Your points need to come from 2 servings of milk, 5 fruits/vegs., 2 healthy oils and 8 waters. It will be easier to stay on the plan and you won't get hungry. I'd love to share the WW journey if you are interested in more support.Sorry to be so long winded...just wanted to share. Best wishes. Susan

Joann said...

Great song list, and great new look!! Saying prayers for Kayleigh, please keep us updated... well, I'll bookmark the website from your blog.