Friday, February 20, 2009

Live from....

....somewhere in the public library.

Today's post comes to you from the belly of the Kannapolis branch of Cannon Memorial Library. Yes, I'm a nerd writing a blog from inside the library! Who cares!?!?!

A couple of days ago Tony's computer started doing the blue screen thing again. Then yesterday (around noon) the screen went completely out on my computer again! I've already had to have it fixed once, so now I'm having to send it off again. Unfortunately, the computer fixer people are going to completely replace my motherboard. (That sounds so weird to me! lol) Anyways, I'm going to have to get my WONDERFUL brother-in-law to get all my information off my computer for me. Then I can send it off.

My WONDERFUL sister (yes, I only have one of those) is going to let me use her laptop for the two weeks that it takes to get my computer fixed. She did the same thing for me last time too. She's so wonderful that I didn't even have to ask her this time. She just sent me the message that I could get it to us! Isn't she WONDERFUL!!!!!

Hopefully they will get everything fixed in the shortest time possible. However, I'm not counting on that! It took the entire "10 Business Days" (plus the two weekends around them) last time. The really bad thing is that I haven't even had this computer for a year yet. We bought it with some of our tax money last year. (This year I need car tires...I can't buy another new computer!) BUT...we might get a new desktop/pc this year. It just probably won't be as fully loaded as my laptop is.

Hopefully the next time I write, I will be in the comfort of my own computer desk chair again! :)

Until next time........

2 Comments from my friends:

Mom To Six said...

So sorry your computers have been on the blink. That is very nice of your sister!!

I am so behind on my fav blogs. Got lots of reading to do.



Lynne said...

Very nice to have a back up plan for computer support! I hope they can get it fixed for you soon.