Friday, February 27, 2009

Today's the Day........

Right now, I'm trying not to get nervous. I hate going to job fairs. I really need a job, but I just wish that someone would call me and say "Hello? Leslie? I have a job for you. Come Monday and fill out all the paperwork."

I can stand in front of churches and groups of people and sing and talk, but I hate talking to people one-on-one. That's probably why I haven't gotten a job yet. I hate interviews and they can tell it. (It's like a dog smelling fear. I'm afraid of all dogs, and they know it!)

After the job fair, I have to get Chasity packed. She's having a sleepover at "Auntie Lisie's" house. My child has always called my sister Lisa, but now that's she's 5, she has regressed. She says things like "handie", "armie", "nosey", and "Lisie". I don't know. I guess she feels that she's going up too quickly and wants to go back! lol

Anyways.... I have to go straighten my hair. I hate for it to be all over the place, so I'm going to "flatten" it so that it will stay in place.

Until next time........

1 Comments from my friends:

Tinika said...

I wish you luck with your job search. Try to remember that even though you can't (rather you feel you can't) talk to people one on one, that you can do all things through Christ. He will strengthen you. I will say a pray for your confidence.

I know all to well how it feels to look and look and find no job.

I think that's cute about your daughter. You will so miss that when she is ten- I promise!

Have a great day!