Monday, March 2, 2009

I really did NOT do this!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week, I have been a REAL slacker. There are MANY things that happened that were NOT me!

First, it was NOT ME that cried as my 5 year old left the house with my little (21 year old) sister to go spend the night on Friday evening. Of course, it was also not me that was kind of excited that I had to go pick the same child up a few hours later. (Unfortunately it was because my sister got sick!)

Then, it was NOT ME that the following day took the same 5 year old to Lowes Home Improvement to stand behind a table to sell Girl Scout cookies. Of course, she and her Girl Scout friend that was there wouldn't look so cute that some people just donated money to them. In fact, they wouldn't look SO cute that one man (who had already bought cookies from his daughter) would just give them a $20 bill as a donation! At least at the first cookie booth, we were inside!

After NOT being at the first booth, we definitely wouldn't drive literally across the street to go to Sam's Club and stand outside (under that SMALL awning they have) to sell more cookies! No...we wouldn't! And it would not be me chasing a 5 year old yelling "Chasity! Get out of the rain! You're gonna get sick!" Nope. I'd never cause 20 people standing outside Sam's Club to stare at me....not for yelling at my child anyways.

After all of that, I would not be the Girl Scout leader that has NOTHING planned for the girls to do tomorrow night. I have NO idea what we still have to earn! I don't even know if we have anything easy that I can come up with tomorrow!

Of course, it's also not me who is hoping that school is on a normal schedule tomorrow so that I can get something....anything....planned for the girls to do at the Girl Scout meeting tomorrow night.

Also, it wasn't me who stood outside today with ear drops and a cotton ball in my ear watching (in adoration) as my beautiful 5 year old played in the snow! Today is the 3rd snow day for the school year. (It's not me that has to borrow a computer because mine is messed up and I can't even put the pics up today!) It's not me who was in awe of how beautiful and grown up my daughter can be...when she wants to be.

Lastly, it's not me that almost cried when I walked into Chasity's room just before coming up to the office. She's lying on her bed...sleeping. She looks so angelic. I had to cover her with a blanket. When I did, she opened her eyes and said "love you mommy". It's not me that's tearing up now as I write this!

Come back next week to see what else I didn't do.....

Until next time........

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