Friday, April 17, 2009

Favorite Things Swap

Last time I was a chicken! I waited to late and didn't get to do this. Then I saw what fun everyone else was having! So this time I'm doing it!

It's time for Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap #3!! Head over to her blog to get connected!

Until next time........

4 Comments from my friends:

Mamarazzi said...

I am so excited that you joined the swap.

You will be getting a confirmation email once I get your info. Please respond to that email, doing so will confirm your spot in the swap. Once I get all of the RSVPs and confirmation from everyone I will make the matches...around April 23. THEN all packages need to be sent on May 23. This will give you a whole MONTH to put together the best package possible.

My last TWO swaps were amazing, for this one to be just as or even more amazing communication is paramount. Be prepared to hear from me often but I promise, you are going to love this!

And WOWZER…we are almost full, only a handful of spaces left!

Wearing Mascara said...

Hey girl, just wanna let you know that my blog has switched to WordPress and for many people it's not showing up in their readers. Visit: to make sure it's showing up properly! (You may have to delete and then add it again). xoxo,


3 Bay B Chicks said...

Wow! That Mamarazzi is something else. Organized and one heck of a comment leaver! I can see why you would want to play along with her little game.

How fun!


Joann said...

Going over to check it all out now.