Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finished....with a 4.0!

So.... all of my classes are finished for the semester! I'm so glad! I don't know what happened to me this semester! However... I did manage to pull all A's out of my classes again! So for all my Graduate work, I have a 4.0 GPA! For all my Undergraduate work (that counts towards my Graduate degree) I have a 3.70 GPA. I still have 2 classes that I have to factor into the Undergraduate classes...they are being transferred into UNCC from RCCC.

Next semester, which starts Aug. 17th, is WAY tooooo closs, but I only I ONE class. So I should be able to stay on top of that class better than I did with 3 this semester!

I am praying for a if you want to pray with me.... I really need a job teaching High School English.... I need to start in August! :) I have enjoyed this year being about to go to Chasity's school when I wanted to, but I really need a job to finish out my Phase I coursework! So....let's all pray that I get one!

Chasity only has a couple more weeks left! I'm excited about that too. I'm looking forward to sleeping past 6am again (just until I get a job....)!!! lol I am glad that it will be LATER in the day when I wake up for the first WEEK after school is out! I will NOT have the alarm on for me.... and if Tony doesn't wake up after me hitting snooze twice.....well.... I'm turning it off! lol

I just have to finish reloading programs onto my computer and then I'll be back to using my own computer instead of my sister's! I'm REALLY excited about that! Actually, I know that I can get online with mine, so I might put Lisa's downstairs and move mine back up here to the office. I NEED to get some more stuff on eBay and I need to get some pics online to some people! :)

Right now though, I'm chilling out and hoping my bro-in-law remembers to bring the disk to put my Microsoft Office stuff back on the computer!

Until next time........

3 Comments from my friends:

Tinika said...

Congratulations on the 4.0!

Lynne said...

Congratulations on your 4.0! What a wonderful achievement! I pray God will bless you with a job! Blessings to you!

Ana V. said...

Congratulations on your 4.0! Wow, that is great!!!! The best of luck in finding a job, I am sure you will find one.