Friday, May 29, 2009

My Goodie Box!

Recently, I participated in a swap over at Dandelion Wishes by Mamarazzi! My partner was Lisa from Like a Valentine! This was awesome. I was so excited the whole time putting stuff together for my partner. Then I was like a kid at Christmas when I got my package from Lisa.

There are some simple rules to the swap.... check out the next one that she does! Anyways... one of the rules is that you take pics and make a post about the goodies that you received. So.... I know these pics and some of the info are repeats from what I did in my 100th post, but I needed a separate post..... just for the swap!

These are my goodies as they came out of the box.....weren't they wrapped cutely? I loved the paper Lisa used to wrap it.

These are my goodies AFTER I unwrapped them! I got Devil's Food cake mix, white buttercream icing, and cute little cupcake liners. I got chocolate mints, note cards, recipe cards, orange soap....really smells like oranges. I have Aveeno lip conditioner and facial cleansing pads. I have S'mores flavored popcorn. I also have Vera Wang post-it notes! Lisa also included some Orbit gum and beautiful pink paper binders. I think at least one of those will end up in my date book to hold my place! She also sent me a personal card.

I don't know if you can see it or not from this picture, but the cupcake liners are from Macy's! I have never been to Macy's (although I love the Thanksgiving Day parade!!!)!!!! So this is the FIRST thing I have ever owned from Macy's! Thanks Lisa!

This is a picture of the VERA BRADLEY signature on the front of the post-it notes. I love some post-it notes! HOWEVER....these are especially cool because they are VERA BRADLEY.... and NO I have never owned anything Vera Bradley before either. And YES... my kid sister (also named Lisa) tried to steal them when I showed her!

This is (ok...WAS) S'Mores Corn. It's from The Popcorn Factory! I LOVED IT! Now.... if only I could figure out where to get some more! (I looked online....I will have to look again!!) You really should try it! S'Mores Corn ROCKS! (I think we should serve this at Girl Scout camp instead of making REAL S'Mores! I'm hooked!) Check out for popcorn gift ideas! I'm loving it!

This is the outside of the personal note Lisa sent me. Isn't it cute?

This is the outside of the notecards Lisa sent me! I love them! They are so girlie and cute! Don't you just want me to send you a note now?
I can't wait to see what Lisa thought about all the stuff I sent her! I hope she likes some of my favorite things!
Until next time........

4 Comments from my friends:

Amy said...

What swapping fun!!!

Mamarazzi said...

Cute cute cute!! do they not have Macy's where you live? i thought they were all over the love love Macy's. AND VB! AWESOME!

Ya know, these swaps are a LOT of work, but I love when people receive their packages and love what they get. Just knowing that over 100 women all over the United States are receiving packages of awesomeness this week thrills me!! Not to mention the bloggy friendships that are forming, it's just way too cool!

I am deciding between a Red, White & Blue Swap or another Favorite Things Swap for the end of June...did you vote? There is a poll on my sidebar!

Joann said...

Great Swap Package... I love this Swap thing... what a great idea from Mamarazzi!!!

Joy said...

Nice stuff!!