Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post 100--Favorite Things

I know everyone has heard the song from "The Sound of Music"...."These are a few of my favorite things...."! Well... today I'm going to show a few of my favorite things. (I just hope I can get the pics to work right....LOL!)

First, I have some pics of my Salt and Pepper shakers. Please know that this is NOT all of them. This is just some of the ones that I really like. I think they are some of the cutest ones I have. :) Of course...there is one rule to collecting salt and pepper shakers..... I do not buy them for myself. I have close to 200 sets (probably...I've never counted) and I have not bought a single pair for myself.

First we have a 1953 Corvette. Tony bought these on our 1st Anniversary when we toured the Corvette Museum in TN. The top comes off and is the salt and the bottom is the pepper.

Here is the Space Needle. Tony's mom bought me these when we went to Seattle, WA back in 2001. (That was November....she died 6 months I'm glad I have these!)

These are from NY! NOPE... I've never been there, but I have great friends! Actually a student bought me these! The top where the man is sitting comes off as the salt and the bottom is the pepper!

The Rhinos are handmade in Thailand. Tony's niece (my "Niece-in-law") went to Thailand for a semester. She had some of the people there make gifts for us so she could bring them home for Christmas! She had these made especially for me! Isn't that awesome! :)

Lastly are the Harley Davidson riding Pigs! How appropriate two pigs riding a "hog"! LOL Anyways...the pigs come off as the salt and the bike is the pepper! I love these! These were a gift from the Myrtle Beach, SC Bike Week!

Below are just a few of my unicorns. I have them all boxed up now and I didn't want to unwrap them all! However.... the bottom one on the left is the FIRST one I ever got! That started my obsession! (I know someone is wanting to buy these, so if you want to see pics of more of them, just let me know! I'll do better pics to send you!)

NOW! The following is what I received from Lisa at Like a Valentine as part of the Mamarazzi Favorite Things Swap!

This first pic is everything from the box....before I unwrapped it all!

This pic is everything in the box AFTER I unwrapped it all!
Let me tell you that I am loving the stuff in my box from Lisa! First, I have everything I need to make "Devil's Food" cupcakes! She sent me cake mix, icing, and cupcake liners. The picture below...although's that the liners came from Macy's! Thanks to Lisa, I now own something from Macy's! :) Isn't that neat! I've never even been inside of one!

Lisa also sent me a card! She sent some notecards....recipe cards....and pink binder clips! I'm so excited to use those....especially in my date book! :) She also sent me some post-it notes, but not just ANY post-its. These are VERA BRADLEY post-its! There are a couple shapes and sizes inside! I just had to have a pic of the VERA BRADLEY! I didn't own anything by her either! My sister is going to be SOOOOOOOOO jealous! (See VB pic below!)

Lisa also sent me some Aveeno cleansing pads and lip conditioner. My lips are happy! :) She sent me some "Orbit Peppermint Spray" gum! I guess I'll share that with Chasity! I also got some Mint Chocolates! Lisa also sent me a small bar of is orange sented! WOW! It smells good!
Last, but not least, Lisa sent me a bag of "S'mores Corn"!! It's popcorn that tastes like S'mores! OMG! (That's all I can say!) That stuff is AWESOME! Now....where to hide it so I don't have to share!? lol (Bad for the WW, but great for the tastebuds!)

Below are pics of the personal card Lisa sent me (butterfly) and the note cards (bird)! Aren't they adorable???

I hope that you enjoyed my 100th post! Hopefully I will have many more to celebrate!
Until next time........

3 Comments from my friends:

Ana V. said...

I enjoyed this post very much and all the pictures. Especially of the unicorns, please send more. I am still interesting in them. Thank you. My email is

Tinika said...

I didn't know there was a Corvette Museum in TN!!! I am so going to have to go! That's my all time favorite car. My dad has always had em and since I haven't lived with him since I was 6, I guess... well I'm not real sure, but I am sure that probably has something to do with my obsession, lol.

Loved the 100th post. I'm still ready to do your makeover, just let me know what you want in it!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Fun collection! At the moment I guess I'm not really collecting anything except maybe flowers and plants for outside my home. :)