Sunday, June 14, 2009

G is for Grandma and Good Grief!!!!

So I'm on an alphabet kick recently I guess... but.... that's how my brain works I guess. Anyways, some things have been going on around here so I thought I'd write.

Good Grief! Actually...both words tie together today! I guess I need to explain Grandma first!

Alright...Grandma Edwards...she's my mom's mom! She's 90 years old and has Alzheimer's. She has been living in an Assisted Living facility near here since Christmas. She's been doing pretty well...once we got everything straightened out for her! :) However... Wednesday the staff called my mom to inform her that Gma had a fever--almost 101. They said they were going to have the nurse there check her and they'd let mom know what was going on. I had a meeting that night and mom was supposed to watch Chasity for me. So about 5pm mom called me to say that Chasity was staying with my dad because she was going to check on Gma. That was cool!

About 5:15pm mom called back and said that I needed to bring my dad to get their car (they too are a one-car family) because she was riding with my Aunt to the hospital....they were taking Gma up there. So...I took dad to get the car. I called my sister and she said she'd get Chasity from me. I never knew that my sister was silly/crazy/goofy/etc. enough to lock her keys in her car. So I had to take Chas to the meeting with me and Lisa came and got her later.

Anyways....they admitted Gma to the hospital for pneumonia. She has been there (and is still there) since Wednesday! :( Now...the drs. are saying that Gma can not go back to the Assisted Living facility. They are saying that she now has to be put into a Nursing Home. The place where she was has both....but we don't know if they have a Nursing Home opening. (It's two buildings and two separate staffs....have to get used to that I guess!!)

Since my mom and one of her brothers (the one married to the Aunt mom rode with to the hospital) are the only ones who live close by...they are the ones going to stay at the hospital with Gma. The other alternative is to restrain her because she gets so confused sometimes that she tries to pull out all the IVs and catheters and everything. So Gma is not being left alone at all! Tonight my mom's sister from SC is up here staying with Gma so the others can actually go to work tomorrow....

THAT is where GOOD GRIEF comes in!

Last Thursday and Friday, I worked at the daycare in my mom's place. Yes! I'm trained. NO...I don't like diapers! I HATE baby puke! BUT... I love my I went!

The staff started getting crazy! Thursday, one girl decided to come in about 5 minutes late. Then she decided that she couldn't start work until she had her breakfast! TOO BAD! So I ticked her off. :( Then...Friday, one employee had talked to my mom about being a couple minutes late because she had to take care of a bill first thing that morning. She came in 45 minutes late and got mad because I had called to ask where she was! After all that was settled, we made it through breakfast and lunch. The afternoon staff started arriving....a little early because mom had me call them in!

Mom had asked me to make a not about cleaning duties at closing time and post it. I did. When I told one of the afternoon staff that things weren't getting done and THEY (all/both) of them needed to be sure it was taken care of, she seemed fine. I got my stuff and was leaving. I went to my car and another staff came out to talk to me as I was leaving...that's normal! The staff I had talked to about the note came to the door and told me that I needed to get back inside because she was leaving until she talked to my mom! SOMETHING/SOMEONE had said something about that note and ticked her off!

She took off to her car and left! I called my mom...explained everything....finally got it worked out.... rearranged children.....and left! lol I wasn't waiting on her to come back.

I joke about it because in a way it's true. My mom loves her job. She thinks about those kids even after they have started school and left the day care! However... I have a life outside of the day care. I come my job/jobs....and leave! I leave it there! I don't take it home with me! Mom on the other hand, well, she takes it home!

I love my mom...but I could NOT do her job...not with the people that are working there now! lol

My mom is awesome! I have been trying to help her out because Gma is in the hospital and because my mom's knee is really bothering her (but that's for another day)!! I know she'll get through this.... I'm just not sure mom knows it!

Just keep praying that Gma gets out of the hospital soon!

Until next time........

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Joann said...

WOW!!! You've been BUSY!! Believe it or not, I actually followed that post... LOL!! I hope your grandma is better soon, I think that if she needs to be watched closely, a nursing home is the best place for her, especially if you all are close to visit her often. Keeping her in prayer.