Sunday, June 21, 2009


Wow! I haven't updated about my weight loss in a while. This is probably because I haven't really been doing anything. I have gained a pound and lost 2. I have gained a partial pound and lost the same the next week. BUT... today when I weighed in, I have lost 3 more pounds. Last week I only lost like .6 lbs. So.... I think I'm doing OK. I really need to be more cautious with my food... but... I haven't been. I know that!

Grandma? Well... she's in the nursing home. We have fewer than 20 days to decide (family and doctors) if she will stay there or go back to the assisted living facility. I'm pretty sure we are going to move her back, but my mom and her siblings have to decide.

Speaking of my mom's siblings, my Aunt JoAnn is very sick. She's had cancer for awhile! However, we were told yesterday that she may not make it to next weekend. When she goes, I know she will be better off. Right now, she's in a lot of pain and doesn't really know who anyone is most of the time. Basically, everyone is just waiting it out. She has asked me to sing at her funeral, so I told her that I would. I would do anything for her, but that is all she has ever asked of me!

I had a pretty good day with my dad and Tony. After church, my sister and her hubby went with us when we took my parents out to eat. It works out well that her hubby's parents and my parents are best friends! lol That way when we go to eat, they don't have to split their holidays! lol Anyways.... took Dad out to eat then came home to hang out. We've watched a lot of TV.... other than that, we have done nothing! lol

So...these are updates on my life!

Until next time........

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Joann said...

Saying prayers of comfort for your Aunt JoAnn, and peace for the family.