Friday, July 31, 2009

Beach Vacation....Day 6

Day 6 is coming to a close.... WOW! Only 2 days left of vacation, then it's back to the real world! lol

So this morning, we got up and cleaned the house so that it would look great when my family got here. My sister, niece, and two other teenagers got here about 1pm. They went to the beach and Tony, Chasity, and I headed to downtown Myrtle Beach. We bought me some cute salt-and-pepper shakers.... I'll try to put pics of those up here. We went to the arcade. That's something we always did when I came here as a kid! Then we picked out an airbrush shirt for Chasity. We have to go get it tomorrow. The guy had a lot of shirts in front of ours to do! :)

My sister sent me a text message with a list of things to get at the store on the way home. So we stopped for a few groceries and headed back to the house. My brother and his family were already here and were getting ready for the beach. So we put the groceries up and changed to go to the beach.

We got down there only to find out that there had been SHARK SIGHTINGS in the water where we were going to be. So we stayed on the edge....for quick movement if we needed to. The funniest thing was watching Tony chase Chasity's beach ball down the beach. The wind was blowing really hard and the ball got away from us. Tony chased it RUNNING down the beach. It was FUNNY! Anyways... he had to do it TWICE. The ball got away from us TWICE. You'd think that we'd learn after the first time!

Then we had to hurry back because there was a big storm coming. Only 6 can fit in the golf cart at a time, and we have 13 people here!!! One rode a bike and Donnie (my brother) drove two trips in the golf cart.

Right now, Donnie, Tony, and a couple of the boys are downstairs grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. I'm heading inside to help my sister-in-law get the other stuff ready.

It's been a really good day.... However, I remember now why it's great to be away from my siblings. Thirteen people trying to make decisions is CHAOS!!!!!!! But... it's fun anyways!

Until next time........

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Wearing Mascara said...

Shark sightings?! Holy crap. Where at Myrtle? Scares me that I was just there (and I've been watching shark week)