Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th....Remembered...

Thursday night, we went to downtown Kannapolis for fireworks. They were awesome. I got some pretty good shots to put into Chasity's scrapbook (for her 5th year--lol)! It was fabulous!

Then Friday night we went to my sister's house for a cook-out. The 3 of us were there. Lisa, Joe, Toby, and "Devo" (the dog and a munchkin she was babysitting) were there. The preacher, Sis. Hayes, Michaela, Graciey, Mom, Dad, Victoria, and Trevor were all there. Chasity and the girls got in her little swimming pool and played in the sprinkler. We had hamburgers and hot dogs. I didn't really have a good attitude, so we left about 9:30...right after we finished eating! :( I should have had a better attitude, but we did still have fun!

Then last night, we went to see more fireworks in Harrisburg. It was really cool. We got there a little later than we normally do so there weren't any good spots to park. Well...we found a spot and walked to a grassy area with our fold-out chairs. We heard the countdown and waited to see fireworks. Um........well..... none of us in the area had picked a good spot. There was a tree that was stopping us from seeing all the good fireworks. Tony, Chasity, and I grabbed our chairs--didn't even put them back in the bags to carry them--ran to the car and drove to find somewhere we could see the fireworks. We finally found a little sideroad where some of the people in the neighborhood were outside in their yards watching. We pulled over on the side of the road and stood outside the car to watch!! We got to see MOST of the fireworks from there. They were pretty cool..... but.... the guy in Kannapolis did a much better job!!!! BUT.... it was great!

While I was sitting there both nights waiting for the fireworks, I started thinking about July 4ths of the past. When I was younger my great-grandfather, Daddy Tom, would rent a beach house and we'd all go down there. We were a road away from the beach--we got the same house every year!! Daddy Tom would always bring his binoculars and we would sit on the screened in front porch of Little Toot (the rented house) and watch the fireworks. They were shot off over the ocean--I think they were on the ocean shooting them because we could have sat on the beach to watch them! I guess I'm a little nostalgic for things gone...and sometimes forgotten.

It's amazing what you can remember when you sit to think about it!

Until next time........

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