Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memories..... the corner of my mind. Precious watercolored memories....."! Ok, so I'm a little sappy this morning. My little girl now will not even let me call her my "little" girl--in public anyways. I have to call her by her name or I can call her my "big" girl.

As you know, she turned 6 a week ago today. She has lost two teeth, and now she thinks she is a BIG girl! :) I guess she is. I just can't believe how much she has really grown in the past couple of years. I remember the first day I took her to daycare (ok, it was really just my mom's house because mom was watching kids at her house at the time). I cried the whole way to work. I called my mom and threatened to quit my job so that I could be at home with Chasity.

Last year was hard. She started Kindergarten. However, it's not so bad. We adjusted. She was awesome! This year, I'm a little misty-eyed because I can't believe that she's really 6 and in the first grade! She walked in (of course so did her dad and I with all the school supplies) and went straight to her classroom. Her teacher greeted her and said, "I have a test for you. You're first test is to find your desk." So that was easy.... it had not been moved since Open House last week. So she went straight to it! :) Whew! She passed her first test in first grade! Of course, I have lots of pictures to put in the scrapbook of her going to her first day of Kindergarten. I have about 1/2 as many of this morning. Eventually (probably in Middle School) I'll only get one or two shots of her, but.... that's ok with me!

She'll always be my little girl! And I'll always have these great memories of her!

Until next time........

2 Comments from my friends:

Lynne said...

I was going down memory lane with a co-worker about my "little girl". You see it was her 23rd birthday on 22 Aug and with school starting, I had a "remember when" moment. She was wearing pink Osh-Gosh or Kosh or whatever they call them jeans with a pretty matching white top, brand new white sneaks and matching socks and a beautiful smile. Her day care fixed her hair (big hair, I might add) and she went running for her bus and tripped. The daycare owner's husband had mowed grass and it was slippery. Her new sneaks were now green and white, but it did not delay her smile or excitement one bit. I cried, lol (after she was out of sight of course). So, I feel you and it will get better. just wait until your little girl starts driving herself to school, oh my!

Tinika said...

I feel your pain too! I have been extra sad since school has started back as well. Girl one will graduate from 6th grade this year. Thinking of that makes me want to cry.

Lynne's comment reminded me of the very first time girl one fell down and skinned her knee. I cried like a baby. It was just a scrape on both knees but I remember thinking that her little perfect legs were not going to stay perfect, lol. Of course it healed with no scar, but still, lol.