Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Little Girl is Growing Up

I can't believe that I haven't blogged in a week! I've been so busy with everything here that I just totally didn't take the time! I had a list of things to do for a "Not Me Monday" post, but I guess they'll have to wait until next Monday!

My classes at UNCC start on Monday. This semester, I only have ONE class, and it's online! I don't have to go to campus.... except to do the interview for my Internship Application for Spring semester. I really have to talk to my advisor because in reading over the requirements, I haven't met them. And...there's no way to meet them all before January! Anyways...that's a different story for a different time!

Last night, Chasity lost her first tooth. We noticed right before we left for the beach that she had two loose teeth. Both of them were in the middle of the front (on the bottom). She has only played with them a little (because we told her that the Tooth Fairy couldn't find her at the beach if they came out). Last week she didn't play with them at Girl Scout Day Camp.

So yesterday, I checked them (like I do every day). I noticed that one of them was REALLY loose. So last night before she went to bed (which she's not doing very early....and school is only a week away--again....another time) I had her daddy check it. We decided it needed to come out. So I got the camera (of course) and a wet papertowel. Tony washed his hands and wiggled it for about 5 seconds and it came out!

She called my mom to say..."Grandma! Grand Dad! I lost a tooth. Now I have somewhere to rest my straw!" I don't know where she heard it, but I thought I was going to fall over laughing! Then she called my sister, Lisa. She wanted to call her Uncle Donnie, my brother, but I thought it was a little late (at 10pm) for that! She's going to call him today.

The Tooth Fairy came last night. She left $5 for Chasity. I told Chasity that's probably a FIRST TOOTH deal. She said.... "Yeah, 'cause next time it will be $100!" My child makes me laugh so hard!

Today, I'm headed to Chasity's school for a SIT (School Improvement Team) meeting. It is going to be ALL DAY! So... I'm going there.

Yesterday, I got the check in the mail for my computer. That's REALLY a story for a different day....but I think you may know SOME of it!

Anyways.....I'll be buying a new computer soon. I'm excited! I already have it picked out!

Until next time........

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Basement Bags Girl said...

Y'all need a 'tooth fairy pillow' from Basement Bags! I still have all of my girls baby teeth somewhere...enjoy every day, every event...they grew up so fast.