Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Falling off the face of the earth

Well.... I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but it sure feels like it.

Since last Tuesday, I have FINALLY been placed for my observations for this semester. It's kind of far, but....that means I won't have to go there for my Student Teaching next semester. I should be closer to home for that! lol

I have completed a good bit of homework and paperwork. However, there is still a mountain of paperwork to do. Right now though, I am a week ahead (and plan to stay that way) in homework. I just have to finish the reading for the week. :)

I have had a VERY successful Girl Scout meeting! I even helped another troop with their meeting. I also helped our Service Unit manager to do a new leader meeting last night. It was fun! :)

I have done some GS training! I went Thursday morning with my new assistant leader to the Leader 101 training. It is somewhat different than the training I did just one year ago!

I have been scared out of my wits by my dad's accident. On Thursday, Tony got a call from my mom that my dad had been in an accident in Charlotte. He was at the hospital downtown.

She made a couple calls and found someone to watch Chasity for us. I'm glad. I did NOT need to be with Chasity when I saw my dad! Anyways, he has two broken ribs, fractured his right wrist (and yes! he's right-handed!) in two places, and has some other bumps and bruises. BUT....he was wearing his seatbelt! could have been MUCH worse!

Right now he's at home. He keeps saying that he wants to go back to work. His pain meds are making him sick to his stomach. He really can't drive a tractor-trailer with only one hand. He needs to stay home until his ribs heal, but... if I know my dad, he'll be trying to go to work on Monday!

Anyways.... he's been home since Thursday night. So... we are thankful and blessed that God took such great care of him. This could have been a much worse situtation. However...God had him in the palm of His hand! How awesome is that?

Until next time........

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