Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catching Up!

You'd never know by the amount of posts that I have put up lately (haha!) that I have been swamped!

I love school. That's probably why after I had a 5 year break, I went back. I love English! Again...that's probably why I'm working on getting my license to teach High School English! I LOVE IT!

However, I don't love paperwork. Ok...I'm lying. I do love it! I have had so much of it lately that I'm not really enthused about it right now. Anyways, I'm starting to be able to see the bottom of the pile on my desk. So...I should get back to normal (however I define that) soon.

School is almost over for the semester. I have completed my observations. All I have left are 3 big assignments. Two of which I need to be working on now, but I'd rather blog. lol

Last week, I even wrote out a blog to post, while I was observing in Mount Pleasant. However, I never got around to it, and now....well... it's old news.....even to me! :)

Right now, there are just a few updates.

I have had to ask the Girl Scout parents to change meetings to Thursdays because my ONLY class next semester is going to meet on Monday nights. ALL the parents agreed, and some of them rearranged other things just so the girls could stay in the troop!

Dad is doing well. He went to the surgeon a couple weeks ago and he has to go back on Dec. 1st or 2nd. However, none of us really think that the doctor is going to send him back to work at that time. He hasn't even been released to drive yet. AND....he drives a truck for a living. I don't see the doctor letting him go back before he lets Dad drive for a couple of days/weeks at home first. Anyways, I think it would be great for Dad to be home through Christmas. He works too hard anyways. He needs the "rest". Right now though, Dad is going crazy being at home all day by himself with nothing to do. He can't bend and lift so he can't do anything. He plays computer games and watches TV--oh yeah! he sleeps too! :)

I have my student teaching in the Spring (starting in January). I should know my placement in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping for somewhere close to home, but I'll take what UNCC gives me. I'm going to believe that GOD has a plan for where I'm supposed to go! (If God wants to just slide me into a job after I finish my student teaching, that would be great too!)

And TODAY is my Mom's birthday! So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY! :)

WOW! I think I have updated everything....and I did it in less than an hour. :)

Until next time........

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