Thursday, November 19, 2009

How Do You Do It All?

Ever since school started on August 25, 2008, my friends/family/random people that I talk to have been asking me how I get everything done. For those of you who do not know, Aug. 25, 2008, is the date that Chasity started Kindergarten and I started Graduate School.

Other than School and normal family stuff (laundry, dishes, meals, etc.) I am also a member of the PTO board at Chasity's school. I am her Girl Scout Troop leader. I am on the Service Unit (area) Team for Girl Scouts. I am on the Praise and Worship team at church. Chasity has dance. In the Spring, if she wants to again, Chasity has baseball.

When I tell people everything we do, their first question is "How do you get it all done?".

My answer is always simple.... CALENDARS! lol I have a calendar that I carry with me (datebook--it's cute too!). I have one that goes on my desk here at the house. The desk one is small/thin enough that I can throw it in a notebook or backpack to add stuff to when I'm out, if needed. I try to keep them in sync, but that doesn't always work.

However, there are some things that are just KNOWN! For example, I know that right now the first 3 Mondays of every month are Girl Scouts. In January, we will be changing to EVERY Thursday. So only the 2nd Monday will be taken for the Service Unit meeting! On Tuesday, every week, Chasity has dance. Wednesdays-Friday right now are free, but in January, it will only be Wed AND Fri that are free.

In March, if Chasity does baseball again, we'll probably get a team that has Monday practices. Then she will have games on Saturdays. Saturdays are also full of Girl Scout stuff for Chasity (and me).

Of course, Sundays are for church. So we RARELY plan anything on Sundays.

As for me, I will not have free days after the first of the year. I will start my Student Teaching. I'm waiting on placement now. However, I will be there everyday! I will be teaching for a large portion of the time that I am there! :) Then, I will be able to get a job (provided there are some available) teaching High School English!

So...the secret to my "success" is a calendar! I can get everything done....but only if I put it on the calendar!

Until next time........

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