Thursday, December 3, 2009

Above and Beyond

You know how the military goes above and beyond the call of duty?

You know, if you're a teacher, that you really want the students to go "above and beyond" so they gain a better understanding.

Well, because my mind is all over the place this semester (and especially the past 2 months), I continue to read my assignments incorrectly. For example, this week, the last week of the semester, we have a final reflection due about the UNIT we just wrote for our current/future classroom. We also had some readings to do about "new literacies". Under the reading assignments, it said, "REFLECTION" and proceeded to give me things to "THINK" about.

Well, being the absolutely confused student that I am right now, I just went "above and beyond". I wrote a 3-page reflection just on the readings. lol

NOW... I'm getting ready to do my FINAL assignment for the course. I start reading the directions and in the reflection I'm going to write for the UNIT I planned, I am supposed to comment ONE PARAGRAPH on the readings! lol

OOPS.... I can hope that going ABOVE AND BEYOND will get me some extra points! I might need them! lol

Until next time........

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