Monday, January 4, 2010


Today I found out that I have been placed at A L Brown High School for my Student Teaching. I begin ST on Monday...Jan 11th! I'm excited...

...except for...

...I HATE A L BROWN! Ok! OK! I have never attended there, but they were our rival in high school. So, I have to be very careful not to say anything that will identify me as "the enemy".

The rivalry is really bad. People have gotten cut, broken noses, and shot because of the rivalry. I'm just glad that it's not football season. (Football is the biggest rivalry! We have the "Battle for the Bell".)

So, I'm going to try to be good so that my car doesn't get keyed or the tires don't get slashed. However, I can NOT under any circumstances wear their school colors. So.... I probably won't get to wear jeans EVER! lol :)

I'm just excited to know where I'm going finally. UNCC placed me before Christmas then they changed my placement. So, I only found out today where I will be going a week from today!

I will survive! :) Spiders! Go Concord! (Ok.... I think it's out of my system for a little while!)

Until next time........

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Phyllis said...

I'm sure you'll represent CHS proudly. Good luck!!!