Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Tueday evening, I picked up the cookies our troop sold in our initial order.

Wednesday evening I met one of the parents and gave her the order for her daughter.

Tonight, all the other parents are picking up the orders for their girls.

Tomorrow night we have a cookie booth. Saturday we have an ALL DAY cookie booth! The booths this weekend are different that most. I know you've all seen Girl Scouts standing outside of WalMart or whatever! Well, my troop is going to be at the edge of a parking lot. We are going to have a table and signs and a canopy (if it's not too windy) and we are going to have a DRIVE-THRU cookie booth. Customers wouldn't have to get out of their cars to get cookies! lol How exciting is that???!?!?!?!

We are the first troop in our area to try it. However, a troop in VA tried it and they sold about 17,000 boxes of cookies in ONE WEEKEND! I am not prepared to sell 17,000 boxes of cookies! lol I am only taking about 400 boxes. I'm setting up a delivery for more if we start running out and need them! :) I'm thinking we will NOT sell 17,000! I just don't think it's possible since my "back-up" (the local cookie cupboard) only has 500 in her stash. (Those are for every troop in the district if they need extra cookies!)

So... I have to get ready to SHIP cookies to a lot of our family! They are paying me on PayPal and I'm shipping the cookies to them! lol Plus, a few of my facebook friends are having me ship cookies to them too!

If you want cookies, it's NOT too late! I can still ship them to you too! :) (I had to PLUG THE COOKIES! lol)

I will be swamped with cookies.....

Until next time........

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