Saturday, February 20, 2010

"It's viral. Treat the symptons."

Wow! I'm amazed at how many new "faces" there are on my "followers" now! Thanks for coming by bloggy friends.

I can't believe it's Saturday already! I have been swamped this week. My baby girl missed two days of school this week. I picked her up early on Tuesday and took her to the doctor. Doctor said it was viral and when she didn't have a fever, she could go back to school. So she went back on Thursday. (Wednesday was the first day she had ever missed.....she had perfect attendance until then.) Anyways, I'm not as sad about her missing as I thought I'd be. I'm just glad she's getting better.

Anyways, Thursday night around 11pm, Chasity started scratching. When she's sick, she normally sleeps with us so we can get to her more quickly if she needs us. Well, she started hitting and kicking when I tried to get her to stop scratching. So I called Tony in the room. We started looking at her, and she had broken into whelps all over her body. It looked like she was having a really bad allergic reaction to something. She was swollen...but....her tongue wasn't swollen and she was breathing fine.

So I called mom (who lives around the corner) and told her I needed her to get to my house. Since Dad had surgery to remove his spleen in October, we can't have him around anything that could be contagious. So I picked Mom up. I got the doctor on the phone and let Tony talk to them while I got Mom. They said to get Benedryl in her ASAP! We did. She slept fine. She was still "spotted" yesterday morning. My mom stayed with her yesterday so that Tony could work and I could go to school. Mom also took her to the doctor.

The doctor she saw used to be my doctor. He's "substituting" at the Pediatric office where we go because one of the doctors just had a baby. So he's filling her spot for a few weeks. I knew Chasity was in good hands!

He said that it's part of the healing process from the virus she had earlier in the week. He said that now that she has these spots (which may get worse) she is no longer contagious. Nice! She's spotted and LOOKS contagious, but is NOT contagious. Ok!

So all week, all we have heard is "It's viral. Treat the symptoms." We have been. Today, she's got a Girl Scout event at 9am. Then we have a cookie booth at 5pm. Then we have a family dinner for my niece's birthday. So, I just hope we can make it without getting TOO spotted! :) If we spot up, I have Benedryl! :)

Doc said she should be ready to go back to school on Monday! So.... I'm looking forward to her feeling better!

Until next time........

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