Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Started

So yesterday began my journey of learning to sew. Technically all I did yesterday was pick a pattern and some material! BUT...that's more than I've ever done! I am happy with what I accomplished. :)

So this morning, I decided to read the instructions (like my mom told me to)! Then I cut out the pieces we are going to need. The dress has 4 pieces (front, back, and front & back facing). So I cut those first. (The picture only has the front and back in it.)

Then I just out the pieces (3--front, back, and sleeve) for the jacket!

Now, I am ready to pin it down and cut the material. However.... I think I need to go get some straight pins. (Maybe my mom will have some!) I only keep SAFETY PINS in my house! :) But... if I'm going to learn to sew, I need to get SOME of the tools! :)
For now, I'm happy with what I have done.
So far, I've done it all on my own!
Once Mom shows me how to pin the material down and cut it out, I will do most of that myself too.
Then.... it's time for her to teach me to sew... you know.... using the actual machine! :) (Just for the record, I do know how to sew a straight line. It's the curves and corners that I never mastered! lol)
Until next time........
(So you know, after the second pic most everything is single line sentences. I don't know why I can't get them to separate....... it only does it when I add pics. Any suggestions on how to fix that?)

2 Comments from my friends:

bbcd mama said...

I'm going to take my very first sewing class in a few weeks! I'm so pumped for it!

Good luck with your project!

Natalie said...

I am going to learn to sew, too! My aunt is an avid sewer, so I'm taking lessons with her. I'll stay tuned on your progress - can't wait to see how it turns out :)