Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jumping In

So.... my mom told me that to start with, she will show me some basics for sewing. I am a little worried about mom being near me with scissors (lol).....but.... I'm gonna do it!

Guess what I got today? A pattern! Yep!

It's from the "Sewing Patterns for Dummies" series! It LOOKS simple. However, I'm NOT the craftiest person I've ever met (though I do TRY to be) I'm looking at this as an adventure.

Want to see the pattern I bought?

Mom and I are going to make the dress. I took Chasity to the store after school today. We (ok SHE) picked out cute cute cute material. It's a lime green with hot pink polka dots....small dots! I did have to steer her away from the pink and purple tie-dye she first wanted. I thought we should attempt this with something that wouldn't be too hard to get the pattern to match! :) AND... for the jacket, we have a solid hot pink!
I will keep you updated as we work on this. I have to read the instructions that came with the pattern. (My mommy said I have to!) :) Then I get to cut the pattern out. It's only 4 pieces, for the dress. So... I think I might have set myself up for success!
I'm looking forward to trying something new! I am just going to have to work on patience.... I have always been told that I was absent the day God was handing that out! lol I'm learning! :) So....we'll see how she looks in it when it's all done!
Thanks for all the encouragement guys! I appreciate it!
Until next time........

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Phyllis said...

You and I must have been at the same party the day patience was being handed out! Good luck.