Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing "Mustard"

When I was in high school, I had a teacher that would say we were having a "mustard" day instead of a "ketchup" (catch up) day.

Chasity and I had a great time last week during Spring Break. Thursday, we went t have our nails (hand and feet) done. I have pics to post of that soon!

Friday night, I had a sleepover with the area Girl Scouts. I had to help them to get ready to Bridge up to the next age level. Now, I need to plan the ceremony that goes with it! That will be in a couple weeks.

Right now, I'm trying to wrap my brain around how OSHA and NC Labor Laws do not regulate how long a person can work. That's right! In NC, according to the NC Department of Labor, (and I just spoke with them this morning) there is no law that says your employer has to allow you breaks and time to eat. Crazy right?

Well, listen to this. My husband went to work around 8am yesterday morning. He hasn't come home yet! He's been at work (and working) for more than 24 hours. He hasn't had any sleep. Unfortunately, today (yesterday actually) is not one of those days where he is just programming stuff on the computer. He's actually working with electricity and machines.

He did not work alone last night (which I think is miraculous)!!! Normally he is alone or with one other person when he works nights. Last night, there were 6-8 people with him! He stopped to eat lunch yesterday. I know he's had breakfast this morning. I don't even know if he stopped for supper last night. Normally he'll tell himself "I'll eat when I finish this", but then things go wrong and he never eats!

I'm just really worried about the fact that he falls asleep easily anyways! So, I don't think he needs to drive home. If he gets in a wreck driving home, I'm going to own that company! (Well.... that wouldn't be a BAD!!)

Anyways.... I'll have pics from Spring Break up soon!

Until next time........

2 Comments from my friends:

Tinika said...

That's crazy making some one work like that. Maybe he should call you for a ride home when they finally let him leave.

Basement Bags Girl said...

did you miss my email about your giveaway prize? sent it to the address listed on your blog profile. need for you to select fabric and send me your initials and other information. thanks!